Ms. Jelika Anne Jamilano

Visa Process Head



Inspirational Message

I work as an HR professional and Visa Processing Officer at Emerged Visa Consutancy. Providing professional assistance and support for driven international students has been my mission over the years. I have been in the visa consulting industry for serveral years now and I have played a substantial role in achieving countless successful visa grants of aspiring international students.

My expertise in visa processing is rooted from my values in education and credence that education has no walls and boundaries. I practice an exceptional level of professionalism as my goal is to bring out the greatest potential and talent of each student aiming to advance their competence and careers. I believe that every student deserves a fast, relaible and convenient process for their international education journey. Therefore, I always diligently strive to bridge the gap of the educational systems between countries and I’m dedicated to the needs of every student to achieve success in their endeavors.

My commitment and passion has been rewarded as I became a Qualified Education Agent Ccounselor in Australia. As I contribute to the success of our students, I am passionate in advocating for more inclusive education and partnership around the globe.